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      Fully Tiled Bathroom

      Fully Tiled Bathroom

      Click on each of the images to see a larger view

      Fully Tiled Bathroom – Overview

      Fully tiled bathroom

      The great thing with designing in 3D is the views you can get of your finished bathroom before you even start.

      This is a view once I removed the outside wall giving a view down a passage.

      This image shows the reflections and shadows very well, giving the prospective owner a great look at the planned bathroom.

      The image below gives a view looking at the shower and relative positions of the shower heated towel rail and toilet.

      Fully tiled bathroom

      Tiled bathroom

      Fully tiled bathroom Shower

      Fully tiled Shower & bathroom

      Fully Tiled Bathroom – North wall

      On this elevation we can see the shower and soap/shampoo recess, heated towel rail with switch that is visible (The wiring and switch can be concealed).

      From here we see the toilet position, which does look close to the heated towel rail but when you are on the toilet the towel rail and towels are behind you. so they do not infringe on your space. It is better to be close to the heated towel rail than too close to the wall.

      Tiled Bathroom North Wall

      Tiled Bathroom North Wall

      Fully Tiled Bathroom – East Wall

      Tiled Bathroom East Wall

      Tiled Bathroom East Wall

      Fully Tiled Bathroom – South Wall

      Tiled Bathroom South Wall

      Tiled Bathroom South Wall

      Fully Tiled Bathroom – West Wall

      Tiled bathroom west wall

      Tiled bathroom West Wall

      Fully Tiled Bathroom – Floor Plan

      floor plan tiled bathroom

      Tiled bathroom Floor Plan

      We are able to produce many different images from various angles so our clients get a good understanding of their proposed bathroom. Click here to see your options

      Alana Balzana

      Bathroom Designer: Alana Balzana

      Alana's background gives her many advantages. Her years in architectural work & interior Design environments, her strong background in tiles, her want to do the best for her client and the pleasure in seeing a great bathroom renovation completed all drive Alana to look for the best for your Bathroom Design. To have Alana design your bathroom contact her here

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