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      Dreamline Showers

      These Dreamline Showers are designed to be modern, stylish and easy to clean. There are some frameless and semi frameless designs to suit most situations, room designs and clients needs. There are both 1900 and 2000 door heights available.

      Dreamline Showers in various Bathroom Designs

      Modern Bathroom Design 2013

      Modern Bathroom Design 2013 This was a project that turned a separate bathroom and toilet into a large modern bathroom with more space. Using an acrylic Dreamline Shower tray helped to keep the cost within budget. The client was absolutely delighted with the finished room.

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      Kevin Cox

      Alana Balzana


      We are here to
      Design Your New Bathroom

      1. It does not matter where you live.?

      2. We use up to date 3D Design Software to design your new bathroom.?

      3. The same software we use every day to design bathrooms for our Bathroom Renovation Clients.?

      4. We will supply photo realistic images to scale, showing
      (a) position of each item?
      (b) Colour scheme?
      (c) Estimate of costs?
      Read Our Bathroom Design Process