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      Bathroom Design Ideas

      Fully Tiled Bathroom

      Fully Tiled Bathroom, The great thing with designing in 3D is the views you can get of your finished bathroom before you even start. This bathroom looks very smart and will do for many years to come.

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      Modern Bathroom Design 2013

      Modern Bathroom Design 2013 This was a project that turned a separate bathroom and toilet into a large modern bathroom with more space. Using an acrylic Dreamline Shower tray helped to keep the cost within budget. The client was absolutely delighted with the finished room.

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      Modern Bathroom Design NZ

      Modern Bathroom Design NZ This was a project that turned an old, tired, very dated bathroom toilet area into a large modern bathroom for a family of 6. It was previously a separate bathroom and toilet room.

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      Toilet and Bathroom Design

      Toilet and Bathroom Design In this house the owners wanted to create a large shower and incorporate plenty of storage for their two adult daughters. This involved removal of the existing bath and installation of wall cabinets and a vanity with a large basin and 2 taps. Toilet and Bathroom Design

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      Designer Bathroom

      The owners of this architecturally designed house wanted to update this tired ensuite bathroom. This room is a little more complex than most as it has 2 curved walls as well a sloping ceiling above the shower and toilet.

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      Modern Bathroom Designs

      In this house the owner wanted to create a totally new bathroom in what was previously the dining room. We worked with the owner to keep with both the style and age (1920’s) of the home

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