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      Our Bathroom Designers

      Have a quality well thought out design that will suit you, your home and your wants.
      Choose the Designer for your new bathroom.


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      3D Bathroom Design by Bathroom Direct

      Who Benefits from this Website

      Those who will benefit from this site and our Bathroom Design Service are: Home handymen Renovators People who want an independent plan Developers Builders Anyone who want to give their clients a 3D plan of the proposed...

      Some Bathroom Layouts to View

      Fully Tiled Bathroom

      Fully Tiled Bathroom

      Fully Tiled Bathroom, The great thing with designing in 3D is the views you can get of your finished bathroom before you even start. This bathroom looks very smart and will do for many years to come.

      Kevin Cox

      Alana Balzana


      We are here to
      Design Your New Bathroom

      1. It does not matter where you live.?

      2. We use up to date 3D Design Software to design your new bathroom.?

      3. The same software we use every day to design bathrooms for our Bathroom Renovation Clients.?

      4. We will supply photo realistic images to scale, showing
      (a) position of each item?
      (b) Colour scheme?
      (c) Estimate of costs?
      Read Our Bathroom Design Process